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Wardrobe detox, design & organise

We love nothing more than helping our clients manage their wardrobes and dressing rooms. 


When your wardrobe is bursting at the seams, it is hard to see the clothes you have, and therefore you can end up wearing the same thing over and over again.  This can result in morning dressing stress and overbuying.  

We help you detox the items you no longer love or use, we then categorise your wardrobe according to your lifestyle and set to work on organising.  What we leave you with is an easy-to-maintain system where function meets beauty.

We also offer a seasonal refresh to ensure your wardrobe works for the current season.


Kitchen Organisation

We know the kitchen is the heart of every home! Whether you live a busy family life or love entertaining, your kitchen needs to work for you.

Each and every household has different requirements when it comes to the kitchen.  We spend time ensuring we really understand our client's lifestyles, and how they function as a family, to develop an easy-to-maintain bespoke system.

Our personalised glass and bamboo jars not only look incredible but they are also designed to ensure our clients can see exactly what they have, preventing running out and overbuying.

Space Planning & Interior Styling

We can help with the design and space planning of any area of your home.  Whether it's a new kitchen or dressing room, we can recommend the right type and configuration of storage, designed specifically for your needs. 

We source and supply beautiful and appropriate storage solutions for your space and requirements, ensuring they aesthetically enhance your home.  We also work with you to source and supply soft furnishings to compliment your style and taste so that style meets function. 

Wider Home Organisation

From playrooms to garages and home offices, we help organise all aspects of your home.  

All homes are used differently and every household has different areas they cherish the most.  We won't start on any area of the house until we fully understand the way in which you use your space so that we come up with a design to make your home-life as easy as possible.

We will help you let go and rationalise items you no longer use, we then categorise the area to make organisation and upkeep easy and will recommend storage solutions to help you maximise the space and minimise the clutter.  We take the stress out of the whole process and leave you with a beautiful and functional home space.

Moving House

We all know how stressful and emotional moving house can be. Add to that years of clutter, and it can become overwhelming - we are here to help.


There really is no better time to declutter and organise than before a move.  If you pack up methodically and organised this makes the job of unpacking a lot easier.


We work with our clients to unpack their new home in an organised manner ready for their new life, as well as  those who have unpacked quickly and are in need of some help making sense of it all.

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