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Absolutely loved having Hayley and Gemma come in and sort out my wardrobes and kitchen. They were such great fun and so helpful. My clothes have never looked more organised and the storage solutions have been a massive help.

Laura Robson, British Tennis Champion, London

Hayley and Gemma have changed more than my messy paperwork drawers - they have cleared my mind of the mess that was my unorganised life.

I was never able to find the paperwork I needed, when I needed it, and was always spending extra money getting copies of documents I knew I had 'somewhere' in the midst of my paperwork chaos.  I now have a place for everything and a manageable system I can easily follow moving forwards.

Gemma and Hayley are worth their weight in gold for their non-pressurised way of working and the amount of time and money they will save me.  I cannot thank them enough x

Kim, Travel Executive, Surrey

A Thank you just isn’t enough to express how grateful I am for the transformation you made to our bedrooms and wardrobes. The whole process beginning to end was seamless and you took all the stress that comes with having wardrobes fitted - it was stress free. 


It was also a real pleasure having you in our home. You were quick, discreet and more than helpful and your enthusiasm for your work has also now made me super keen to continue to keep the immaculate wardrobes as you left them. 


I’m looking forward to inviting you back for the kitchen haul soon. x

Carrie, Business Owner, Surrey

From start to finish Hayley and Gemma were professional, supportive, and two of the most enthusiastic and passionate women I have met.  I find it very hard to get rid of possessions but they held my hand every step of the way and organised special sentimental boxes for important items for me.


They have organised my life and left me with a manageable system for the whole family to help maintain.  I can't believe I can now see the carpet in my playroom :) x

Claire, Executive, London

I cannot thank Hayley enough for the time she spent helping me to de clutter and organise my two daughters bedrooms. I’d put off doing the rooms myself as they were overwhelming and brimming with ‘stuff’ that we had accumulated over the past seven years.


Every time I tidied the rooms they still looked chaotic and were very quickly messy again, and I struggled to part with lots of bits as my eldest daughter seems to know where every single toy comes from!Hayley spent a full day with me helping me to calmly sort and rationalise everything, from books, toys, crafts, jewellery, fancy dress costumes etc.  Hayley was completely non judgemental and great company, and I found I actually really enjoyed the whole process.  We managed to transform the girls bedrooms - everything is now clearly sorted and labelled and I am finding that the girls are now playing with toys they didn’t even realise they had!


My eldest daughter (who is the most sentimental about her belongings) commented that she loves her newly organised room, and that it feels like ‘home’ again.  Without Hayley’s help I definitely wouldn’t have managed to allocate the time to de-clutter as well as organise the spaces myself, and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Thank you SO SO much, I’ll definitely be recommending your service to my friends and family!

Amy, Business Owner, Surrey

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Not only did you make me charity clothes I'd been clinging on to for the infamous 'what if' moment, you've transformed my wardrobe into a work of art!

My wardrobe and shelves look insane!  So neat, in perfect order and I can put my hands on anything at any time.  It actually makes putting washing away pleasurable now!  Thank you so much, you've helped me in ways I didn't even think I needed!  xx

Nathalie, Project Manager, Surrey

Ladies, what you have done to my wardrobes is a work of art. I love opening them everyday and seeing the incredible transformation. Thank you for taking all the stress out of re organising, I couldn’t have done it without you. THANK YOU. 

Charlotte, Housewife, Surrey

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